August 03, 2004


More are coming! A plane full of new immigrants are coming tomorrow; over 250 new Israeli citizens! (Picture Rachel Ann doing the happy dance.....on second thought that image is a bit disturbing as Rachel Ann looks very silly doing the happy dance, but on third thought, who cares?)
happy dance, happy dance !!!

Last month there were about 450 new immigrants brought from Canada and the USA by Nefesh B'nefesh, and over the next few weeks we can expect several hundred more. That's how we got here (thank you Rabbi Fass, thank you!!!)

Has this been your dream? Don't think you can do it? I'm proof you are wrong. It is hard work, it won't be easy, but it is possible.

And it is worth it.

Nefesh B'nefesh is accepting applications for the next years aliyah right now! Winter, until Sept 1rst, Spring, Jan 1rst 2005, and Summer, Feb 1rst 2005.

Come on! Come up to Israel!!!! and then I'll be doing the happy dance, happy dance !!! for you.

It is the best decision I and my family have ever made.


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