August 05, 2004

Two Conversations and A Question

I am lying on my five year old's bed, snuggling with her prior to her going to sleep.
Suddenly she drops her head onto my chest.

"You see" I say, "You are tired."
She lifts up her head. "I heard your heart"
"Of course"
"Where you breathing?"
"I am always breathing."
"What happens if your heart and lungs stop."
"Well, you die."
"Why do they stop?"
"Sometimes G-d decides it is time for us to die."
"Oh. But first we make the Moshiach (Messiah)"
"We have to bring the Moshiach. Do you know how?"
"I know, I know. By not fighting and doing bad things."

then later she says:
"I wish you weren't so old."
"Old is bad, bad, bad."
"Because sooner you'll die."
"I won't die for a long, long, time. By then you'll be big."
"Oh." she says, and settles happily down on my chest again.

Which brings me to this question Is there an age where, even if one can have children naturally, it is too old to do so?


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