August 02, 2004

This is Dedicated to the One's I Love

No, not my family; although I love them too. This is dedicated to people I will most likely never meet. This is dedicated to my penpals.

I have been penpalling for many years now. I write to people from many countries; UK, US, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Germany. Some I have been writing to for years; some for only a few months. Letters are sometimes frequent, sometimes a month or more may lapse in between. Letters cover the mundane; what is for dinner, or what's in their garden, to personal; health issues or family troubles, to the esoteric; philosophy and the meaning of life. For some, English is a second language, and they may struggle over words or grammar. Some write short letters, some letters could fill a chapter in a book. Married, divorced, single, with children or without, living in the city, or out in the country. Written by hand, typed, beautiful stationary, or notebook paper. I get a letter and I am happy.

People share their lives with me, and for that I am honored. I share my life with them and I am thankful for the privilege.

Penpalling gives me hope. On good days the letters are like an extra piece of chocolate found in the fridge; the perfect end to a wonderful day. On bad days they are a glass of cool water for the thirsty; refreshing, cleansing.

I am in many ways and idealist, but an idealism tinged with pragmatism. I know within my bones that there is an Eden in the future; a place where wars are myth and hatred the nightmare of the past, where troubles are simply puzzles; a solution will be found. Each sorrow will have its balm. But the journey to this world is up to us; how painful, how gentle, depends on the decisions we make. Destruction is always necessary to build; but how we go about it, how we wage our wars, what we choose to fight as a world, that is what determines how we will meet our Eden.

Most people want what I want; love, money enough to get what they need and a bit extra for some treats, time to spend with family and friends, a bit of quiet time for themselves, jobs that are satisfying, good food, a healthy environment.

Too care for and be cared about; to reach out past oneself. To give and recieve. To battle for each other against the evils of the world; hate,cruelty,violence,poverty, injustice,disease. We pull together against wrong for each other, and we will find peace.

Penpalling gives me hope for a better, more connected world.

How do you find hope?


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