August 04, 2004

Stealing from Kids

Several weeks ago I wrote on a problem that Operation Give was having with the Atlas Shipping Company

Operation Give brings toys to children in Iraq, bringing joy to these battle scarred children. Chief Wiggles is a memember of the National Guard and one day he noticed a tired, dirty, sad, little child. To cheer her up he gave her some small presents. That was the birth of Operation Give.

Recently they sent some toys to the children via Atlas Shipping company. Because of the situation in Iraq, deposit money was required for each of the three shipping containers that were sent out. Well the Atlas Shipping company KEPT the money that was to have been wired on to Kuwait causing a delay in the children recieving their gifts and causing Operation Give to find alternative shipping methods.

Please read the full account here, and whatever you can do please help. I can not possibly summarize the whole situation here effectivel.

When I originally wrote about this situation, I kept the words low key, because I had hoped it was simply a matter of some small mistake or problem in the accounting. I no longer believe that is the case. This, as Rosemary, The Queen of all Evil states, is theft of the lowest form.


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