August 04, 2004

Palestinians Stranded?

Have you heard about all those poor Palestinians trapped in Egypt because wicked Israel isn't letting them go home? Want more facts?

About 2 weeks ago, Israel closed the Rafah international border crossing, due to suspected tunnel building. The terrorist planned to rig the tunnel with explosives.

But Israel did not want all those Palestinians who had entered Egypt to be stranded in Egypt. It would take time to find the tunnels. So that people could return home, Israel opened up a new border crossing, the Nitzana crossing. It is prepared. It is ready to be open. All those people stranded could go home.

IF the PA would process those wanting to come in. Which the PA refuses to do.

So who has kept those Palestinians stranded?

You can read more here and here.

Note the date on the two article above.
Then read here.
(similar articles aboud.)

And ask yourself; why is Israel still getting blamed for this?

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