August 02, 2004

Love is a Verb: The Passing Of Alex Scott

Love to me is not a noun. It is not a statement of feeling. Love is an action; it means willingly giving of yourself for the sake of another. That doesn't always mean it is easy to give; at 2 a.m., most parents aren't cheerful, listening to an patient with dementia repeat the same story over and over again can try most people's patience. But these are labors of love.

This is also love:

Zero Boss and Catawampus both posted about the passing of a young girl who lived love, Alex Scott died of cancer in the loving arms of her parents yesterday. When just four this young girl began a lemonade stand to raise money for the hospital treating her and other children suffering from cancer. She had raised over $700,000. A donation ito Alex's Lemonade Stand is a beautiful way to honor her memory and to help save other children. Let this disease become a distant memory to the next generation.


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