August 03, 2004

Dr. Maggot?

If you have a wound that just won't heal, don't be too shocked if your doctor suggests maggots.
Dr.Ronald Sherman has been advocating the use of maggots on wounds that have failed to respond to normative treatment since the 1990's but this past January FDA approved these tiny creatures as medicine, the first time live animals have received that rating.

The maggots not only eat the tissue, but they also a substance within them that disinfects the wounds. About three years ago, a woman by the name of Pam Mitchell, (photos not for the squeamish) who is diabetic, was in danger of losing her foot to amputation do to a wound that would not heal. Maggots saved the day.

The maggots are disinfected, don't ask me how! and placed in a cage-like device over the wound and allowed to do their work. According to according to Dr. Mostow.(same article as above) "They debride wounds by dissolving the necrotic, infected tissue; they disinfect the wound, by killing bacteria; and they stimulate the healing process,"

Leeches are also being used in medical practices. I know that is old news to many.

Leeches help restore blood circulation by getting rid of all the bad blood and get the new blood to circulate, helping with reattachment and grafting processes.

If you want more, look here; after that, you got to search on your own.

Now, if they find a medical value to lice I'm in big trouble. I had my defense all planned out; I'd be up before G-d and all my past sins before me, and I was going to raise my hand and say "LICE"!, reminding G-d of all the fun we have had with the little critters when the kids were young. And G-d would have to agree I'd been punished enough already during my lifetime.


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