August 01, 2004

Action is Overdue

For the first time in it's history, the USA Holocaust Museum has declared a "genocide emergency" in the Darfur region of Sudan.. The US congress passed a bipartisan resolution declaring the violence as genocide. Adults babies, children, are being murdered, tortured and enslaved. . The UN is dithering about as usual, allowing the Sudanese government 30 days to change its ways. 30 days seems much too long for me; a week at most. French troops from Chad are already on their way to the area., and UK troops are on standby.

Spiced Sassy has written about this numerous time. (Zee, please feel free to send me what you think are your best links, or post them in the comments.) Zee has been shouting about this for some time.

Yesterday was the time to act. No more sanctions, no more resolutions, no more waiting; we need actions; before one more child is burned to death, before one more young girl is raped., before one more citizen is slaughtered.



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