July 18, 2004

What's That When It's At Home?

SO I'm reading this book.
Yeah, I know you are surprised; my grammar sucks and my spelling is atrocious. I'd embarrass myself more if it weren't for spell check, but never mind.

The book is called DEAD RIGHT, by Peter Robinson, a British mystery. Quite good, actually. Anyway, twice I've come across this interesting phrase:
What's That When It's At Home?
and it, quite frankly, has me flumoxed.

What does it mean? Anyone know? The origin? etc. etc. It is given as an answer to a question and it doesn't result in an answer or reply. At least that what it seems like to me. I think it is a denial of knowledge or understanding., similar to Don't ask me!

Thanks in advance to those who speak British English.

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