July 16, 2004

Well the UN has called an emergency meeting

About the security fence. I'm (yawn) waiting with (yawn) bated breath. I can't imagine (condemn Israel) what they will say.

But what really interested me was this quote;
A Palestinian draft resolution would ask the General Assembly to reaffirm "the illegality of any territorial acquisition resulting from the threat or use of force" and would demand that Israel "comply with its legal obligations as determined in the advisory opinion." From Haaretz; bold mine.

Um, isn't that what the Arab-Palestinians are trying to do? Homicide bombings, bus and store bombings, shooting babies point blank, bombing kindergarteners. Threat of force or use of force. Heck, isn't that way the Arab nations have tried to do in every war agianst Israel???

Oh right. Israel.
Never mind.
(grim face.)


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