July 08, 2004

Well good news bad news

The bad news of course was the mass they removed was malignant, the good news is it is encapsulated and that means it hasn't gone anywhere else. I won't know much else for another few days.

I went to bed crying and I woke up at 4:00 or so and tried to sleep again, couldn't so now it is 4:30. And I see your kind words, Robin, Pincushion, Jim, Mythago, and it means the world to me. That's why I ended up blogging this even though I thought maybe I shouldn't blog about my mom's health, but it was another way of reaching out and adding her to other's prayers.

Anyway, thank you all, and all those who just prayed or had her in mind or whatever. It does make me feel good, and I thank you.

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