July 13, 2004

Weird food combos

My newest food craze; watermelon and cheese.
Last year, in the first month or so of coming to Israel, the man who runs the Makolet (store) took all the new olim (immigrants) to Eretz Bereshit; where Abraham supposedly lived. We were treated to singing and wine, and good food and I was introduced to the idea of watermelon and cheese.
I just wasn't daring enough to try it.

It has taken me a year to track down the right kind of cheese (not so difficult in the end; it just showed up last week on the store shelves with a picture of a watermelon on it.) Little squares of white cheese floating in water salty enough to float in.

I wouldn't say it is good, but it is addicting.

So anyone else have a weird "no one else would touch it" food combo they love?


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