July 14, 2004

Wandering about before I head for my second job of the day

And I found some nice oasis in the blogsphere universe:
Jen interviews THE RED TiGRESS. What she said about Jewish women.

Jim writes about his memories of STRAWBERRY ISLAND.
This was from two days ago, and I should have said something then, but now he poses a geography question which I won't answer because I am too smart and know all the answers and it would be unfair.(translation: I'd have to cheat and look up all the answers because I know as much about geography as I know about Swedish, and believe me that isn't much)

From Spinning; just read. How beautiful. Few words, much said.

And Mindy is having much too much fun and I wish I was there. AND SHE LOOkS GREAT!!! Mr. Tie dye.

Now I got to go, and try and trackback and hope it works because my job is calling me.

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