July 25, 2004

To The Bat Cave

Bad Example (a misnomer if ever I heard one) opines on the need for a private sanctuary to get away from the world and just be with oneself. He wonders if it is just a guy thing.

Nope, it isn't. And I think many women would agree; we all need that special place for ourselves. A corner of the world, and a time where we can just prepare or recoup from the day. I have lots of little caves in the world. I generally rise between 4:30 and 6:00 am and turn on the computer. There, with coffee at my side, I click through the blog world and read my emails. By the time my family has risen (read I've given my wake-up calls) I have had about an hour of time to myself.

No answering anyone else's needs or wants. It is selfish time. It is me time. I sometimes post then or at least get an idea of what I will post.

Another cave is a small waiting area, across the street from the clinic. It has two benches, a pergola, bushes and flowers. On hot days the place is marvelously cool; there I sit, from about 4:30 till a few minute to 5:00, reading letters or writing letters before I go to my job caring for the autistic girl.

The bathroom is a cave for many women, and many women also do what I do; wake before everyone else.

I need my mind space. If we had the money I would have an "office" filled with just me stuff; my spinning supplies, my books, a computer of my own if I can dream a bit here. It would be decorated for me; my colors, my designs, my scents. Someplace I could retreat for even five minutes when the world began to suffocate. Someplace just to be me; not a mom, not a wife, not a sister or daughter. Just me.

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