July 09, 2004

These things make me want to cry

Spiced Sass posted about how terrorist many terrorist come from PA colleges, and how these PA colleges refuse to stop the promotion of terrorism despite recieving USA funds; great way to use our money, right?

But what got to me was the picture.

Look at that child atop her father's shoulders with the fake bombs strapped to her stomach. Doesn't it just make you all woozy with the love and affection her father has for her?

Makes me want to scream really. It makes me wish I could be there and pull that child down from her father's shoulders and bring her home to my house were my ten and my five year old girls do such things as have parties for their stuffed bunnies, or make paper crowns, or draw pictures of birds or play with their paper dolls.

Then you go over to Hasidic Rebbele and find a link to a movie of 11 year old girls who are looking forward shahada(martyrdom among other meanings) Basically, the are aspiring to blowing themselves and Jews they have never met to smithereens.

My ten is starting to get interestd in her appearance. She gazes into the mirror to make sure her hair is nice. Over the next few years the crowns and bunny birthday parties will give way to nail polish, perfume and make-up. Sometime between now and 16 she will start noticing boys. She will start thinking, really thinking, about what she wants to be when she grows up, and the list won't be "An artist, and a musician, and a veternarian, except I don't like blood.." but will be more a more realistic goal of what she could be.

And sometime after that she will, hopefully, really be looking at boys and thinking "who" she wants to marry. What kind of a man she wants to settle down with. Should she work or stay home with the kids?

These girls aren't planning to make it that far. There planning to sow their body parts on the streets of Jerusalem. They look forward to that day. It is a good thing for them. When asked whether it was better, peace
and full rights or shahada, the young girl answerer "shahada" that she will have full rights in paradise. So it isn't about peace.

It is about killing Jews.

Children represent the future; what will be. They are the hope, the blessing on this world. What future do these girls picture for themselves? Their people?

And what future do the Palestinians have for the rest of the world.

Lets say they succeed in getting rid of all the Jews; me, my family and friends, my community.

Who would come next?

If they aren't dying for peace and full rights what are they dying for?

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