July 20, 2004

Take That!

Caesar, my Basset Hound is not the swiftest dogs on the block. An old man now, he is, and always has been mild, gentle, and a bit of a slow. There isn't anyone this dog doesn't love; or any being. Birds flock around him without worry, and though he chases the cats, it isn't to hunt them down but to ask them to play.

Down the block from us is a large, loud, aggressive German Shepherd; he is a guard dog through and through. This dog could intimidate a well armed man. Normally this dog is kept behind a big locked gate, with the appropriate warning sign attached, in case anyone couldn't tell from his growl that trouble would come from entering the premisies. (I do wonder how visitors get in.) Whenever caesar and I pass by on our walks,this behemoth charges the gate and starts his ranting. My poor deluded dog thinks he is being greeted; he wags his tail in an ever so cheerful manner and sometimes trys to go up to the gate to say hello!

Last night, as we were walking the German Shepherd rushed towards us from nowhere; I don't know how he got out. But there he was, towering above Caesar who didn't have the wit to be afraid. He charged, and menaced and Caesaar kept wagging his tail and trying to sniff him. I was a bit afraid, yelled at Caesar to come, the other dog to leave, and tried to grab Caesar, and chase the other dog away. Coward that the other dog was, it only took a few shouts and he would back up. Still, he was a big dog, and I was a bit nervous about him coming close to me, or my getting between them. I really didn't relish having my armed chewed off. I succeeded in getting Caesar inside, then came back out to see if the dog was still there, but by then the owners had locked him up again. Thanks people. Couldn't you keep more on top of things in the first place?

Anyway, today as we were walking Caesar stopped by the Germans Shepherds house,completely ignoring the barks and, as the poor Shepherd battered the gate, nonchalantly peed up the front curb.

Hehehehhe. That will teach him!

Maybe Caesar is smarter than I give him credit for.

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