July 05, 2004


Got a couple of bored kids hanging about? Want to sneak in some learning with some fun?

I owe this post to THE QUEEN OF ALL EVIL.

Poor Rosemary; her dog dog got skunked.It is no fun having a smelly dog. It is no fun at all. And poor Rosemary was out of tomato juice. But Rosemary, being the smart Queen that she is found this recipe.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! THAT'S NOT FUN. Nope,that isn't fun; and I don't think your kids want to deskunk a dog; and I don't think you want to skunk the dog just in case it turns out that they've been dying to deskunk a dog their whole lives. What's fun is the recipe. The recipe is almost the same recipe you need to make a ROCKET.

Now aren't rockets fun??? I'm quoting the instructions here, but do go to the site; there are additional experiments, as well as a great explanation for what is going on.

Your film can rocket makes a pleasant pop, but if you want to move up to the big time blasters, you'll need an empty plastic soda bottle (1 liter is best but 2 liters will work), a cork, some baking soda, and either vinegar or lemon juice. Before starting, make sure the bottle is clean and dry, and make sure the cork fits snugly in the bottle opening, but loosely enough that you can pull it out with your fingers. Also, make sure you use a cork and not a screw top. Conduct this experiment outdoors. Place about 4 teaspoons of baking soda in the bottom of the bottle. Pour 1/2 cup of either vinegar or lemon juice into a cup with a spout and get ready for action. Pour the liquid into the bottle and quickly put the cork in and shake the bottle back and forth several times. Aim the cork away from people and breakable items. It will fly out with considerable force!

Do supervise children with this experiment. Lost eyes and bloody noses are not fun.

Now Rachel Ann is going to actually save this unlike she did five minutes ago, causing her to lose the whole thing.

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