July 13, 2004

Spam Jam


Spam is not fun. It is incredibly annoying, whether you get it in your email or get it in your blog (luckily I haven't been struck in the blog yet.) I don't know what should be done with spammers but it should be cruel and unusual enough to make them stop.

But sometimes spam is incredibly funny. I am currently getting the South African Banks one; open bank account, long for millions, lose your shirt one. That just make me roll my eyes and wonder who actually follows through on this.

But the one that really made me fall off the chair laughing was the one for

I've looked. No Johnson there. Pretty damned sure there never was, never will be. Evidence? My five kids. Need I say more?

But the desire to help me increase the non-existent part of me kept coming into my box despite my bouncing and blocking. New names kept popping up and new versions, some more explicit then the Johnson one, but everyone intent on helping me do better with the ladies by becoming longer and I am supposing longer lasting.

Anyway, what is your fave. spam to damn?
What gave you the most giggles?


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