July 09, 2004

Sisyphus reborn

At least that is what I feel like when I try and clean the marpeset (porch) of the woman I work for.

You see she has bougainvillea;
(for those, like me, whose knowledge of plants reaches its nadir)

They are very pretty plants.
They come in reddish-pink and white.
The shed their blossoms worse than a cat sheds hair in the summer.

and I sweep them up. And of course once I have a dustpan full of blossoms the wind comes and my nice pile, waiting collecting goes flying across the ground at records reaching light speed. Okay, that's hyperbole.

But I have to keep sweeping up the blossoms I swept up and everytime I do this job I go ARRGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!

But the fact is the woman I work for is so sweet--well both women I work for-- are so wonderful, such really good people to work for that I try and go the extra distance for them.

If I liked her less I wouldn't care as much about having the porch clean, or there bathroom nice. I would just do my job and get out of there; but they treat me so nicely, and with such kindness and appreciation for the work I do that I want to make things as perfect as I can; not just for the money, but for the knowledge that I left their place a bit better than they expected.

And bosses, you should keep that in mind; if you treat people well they will want to do well for you. Just plain ole' horse sense there.

If you forget who Sisyphus is click here.

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