July 25, 2004

Silencing the Opposition

As has been reported on various blogs, a fifteen year old boy was murdered by Palestinaian terrorist, when he tried to stop the men from
using his home as a launching place for a Kassam rocket. It was a kassam rocket that killed young Afik and Mordechai Yosef of Sedrot.(note they two murder vicitims were not related.) A kassam rocket is what narrowly missed killing a mother and her children when the rocket crashed through the roof of their http://www.arutzsheva.com/news.php3?id=66056.

The family attacked by these terrorist were not pro Israel. She just wanted to have a home, not a military base.

Now imagine if she were actually calling for peace with Israel?

How can there be peace when the voices of Palestinian Arabs who protest the terrorist
are silenced? When reporters receive death threats for telling the truth?

A partner for peace must actually want peace; with murders and thugs in charge of the
Palestinian Arab territories how much hope is there for that?

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