July 25, 2004

Natural Music

Ever notice how little children are always full of song? My five year old doesn't simply go to the sink to wash her hands she sings "I'm going to wash my hands wi~ iith so~oap!" or "E is a meany head and I don't like her", or "I get an extra treat 'cause I was so~ oo good!" Sometimes it's like having an all music radio station playing in the background.

Not everything is a song, I think.

But to most five year old most of the their life is; everything is so permeated with meaning that what else to do but memorialize it with music?

Sometime along our journey to adulthood we lose that sense of the importance of everyday things; we have a vague notion that they are important, but we dismiss their value in favor of bigger issues, headline-grabbing topics. But what is as soothing as warm soapy water? So hurtful as a minor cruelty of a loved one? As special as an unexpected bit of chocolate?

Don't these things deserve a bit of music?


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