July 23, 2004

More Baddies Bite the Dust

And good riddance. If we had more of this we'd have less of this.

I am not a big violence fan. I don't love death. I hate guns. You would never find me walking around the forest with a gun in hand. I prefer peace, quiet, and gentility. But sometimes you have to kill to prevent murder. And there is a difference.

By the way it was the Hatuel family's death that started me in the blogging world. Long story and for another time; but the short of it is, I got tired of people blaming Jews for lack of peace in the Middle East. Firing point blank at a 2 year old, staring that child in the eyes and blowing her away, is not a political statement, is not a bid for freedom. It is sick, cold blooded, and forgiveable murder. And I want all those who have planned, helped and implemented the murder of innocent people like that baby, hunted down. They have lost their right to life.

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