July 13, 2004

Mom Guilt

I was in the kitchen, making lunch for tomorrow and doiong the dishes when I heard this little voice call "Ima?" I turned off the water thinking my five year old had woken up and needed me. But I was wrong; emerging from the salon was my 10 year old, all wrapped up in a sheet.

Her back and shoulders hurt.

I had her lie down on the couch and I covered her back, shoulders and arms with aloe vera with aloe vera and a cool wet towel.

If you are guessing sunburn - you are right.

Yesterday, her camp went swimming. We put sunscreen on her before she left for camp of course, but then she was wearing clothes. She went with the bottle of sunscreen, but I guess couldn't or didn't get her back, shoulders and upper arms.

The sun just beat on her.

The poor girl is so red! I put aloe vera and had her take a cool bath yesterday. So far, no peeling; but all I keep thinking is SUNBURN=CANCER, SUNBURN=CANCER.

And she is in such pain too.

I know there really isn't much else I could have done. But still I feel guilt, and that SUNBURN=CANCER just keeps going round in my head.

I'm not looking this up on the internet. I am praying that this only applies to sunburn which peels, and she isn't peeling.

Shoot. And she so loves to swim.

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