July 19, 2004

KIds are the FUTURE

Blast it, Why do we keep throwing them away. This whole thing with Amy Richardson person, and then today, I read this on fourth rail-- all about Arab-Palestinians and there terror camps for children. (and a good comparison with what the Nazi's did, some of the stuff I didn't know)

I know, it is three days old and I"ve blogged about this. But the connections are there. That and how babies are disposed of because they are the wrong sex, and women are killed because they are suspected of sex, or because they don't pay a high enough dowry or whatever, (spiced sass covers this a lot). and Sudan and and and....there is so much horror in this world.

Why are we doing this too our world? How long before the earth vomits us out????

sorry. Ranting is stupid I know but sometimes it just hits.

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