July 11, 2004

How Long Do You Think It Should Take

To clean

1. 4 bedrooms, including moving out two beds and cleaning under all four beds
2. Lifting three extra mattresses up on to the bed and putting them back down again after the floors are clean.
3. Picking up assorted items from the floor, tossing dirty clothes into the hamper, folding the other's and putting them on the bed.
4. Washing windows and three long mirrors.
5. Sweeping and washing the floors.
6. Cleaning three bathrooms; three toilets, three sinks, two shower stalls, including the floor of the stall and the doors, three mirrors, one tub and shower, and the doors to the shower. Said doors are full of hard water stains and washing the floor.
7. A large hall off the bedrooms (washing the floor, a small wall, the light fixture of dirty fingerprints)
8. A kitchen, including the counters, the cabinets, top and bottom, the scouring out the sinks, washing down the refrigerator, the outside of the stove and dishwasher.
9.A main room, including moving the couch out to sweep/wash behind it, moving dinning room chairs. Washing away what looked like ground in chocolate.
10. A main entrance way.

Those who clean just give me an idea ofhow long it would take.

Me, my back hurts, and my knee hurt; but i want to know if it took me a crazy long time to get it all done.

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