July 11, 2004

Did everyone have that older man in the neighborhood

Perhaps it was an older woman; the one who'd watch from a window or a porch and scream at anyone who got within sight of his yard. You didn't have to touch his lawn, you could run right past it, skirt it by defying mom and going in the street, bounce your ball or keep it tight in hand. Didn't matter; he saw you he'd scream. And heaven forbid your ball did land on his precious sod!

It was inevitable. There was the scream.

Just like the scream we hear coming from the Hague Ruling on the fence.

Come on, did anyone expect something different?

So now the Prime Minister has called a speical meeting to discuss the decision and what the hell is there to discuss anyway?

I can tell you what our response should be;but I don't think I have to write out the words.

I'm tired of worrying what the world thinks because no matter what we do I know what the world will say. So why bother? Why care?

The security fence has reduced the number of bombings and deaths due to homicide killers.

Israeli security data released last month indicate that in northern Samaria areas where the fence has been completed, the rate of terrorist penetrations has been cut down to zero. IDF Central Command sources said that the barrier played a crucial role in the 75% decline in suicide attacks and attempts during the first half of this year, as compared with the corresponding period in 2003.

That old man screaming on the porch, we learned to ignore him as kids. He screamed no matter what we did. So why care?

(and if you would like to scream back, here's some emails addys)

ecu@un.org - United Nations
info@curia.eu.int - EU Court of Justice


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