July 18, 2004


I saw this on memeblog and since I love to do it anyway (besides, I couldn't think of anything else to do!)

1. It's All About De; I loved her personality, her humor, and her warmth. I hope she begins blogging more.

2. The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles;
Love the blog name, loved his humor, and he loves Stargate
Atlantis! I love Stargate; I will probably love Stargate Atlantis; that
is, if it gets on the internet and my ds can download it. Can't watch
it from here!

3. Sweet Surprise; the title says it all. This is one nice place to be. Friendly and fun and cute graphics.

4. Off on a Tangerine
she's an internet junkie just like I am! Now I have to go take
the quiz!!! Okay, maybe tomorrow. It is 1:30 and I do have to get
to bed so I can wake up again.


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