July 15, 2004

Asking for Prayers again

This time for my sister, who is having a mass removed from her esophagus, As with my mother, they haven't been able to determine whether the mass is cancerous or not; but she is a singer, and the lump is probably related to strain from singing. I am also praying that the removal itself doesn't damage her vocal chords; singing is her life. She has such a beautiful voice that even when she justs speaks it sounds musical. Anyway, that is where my mind is today.

I will write and update when I can, which will most likely be tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone in advance.

She is in surgery now (the price I pay for being in such a different time zone. She is in CA.) I told my mom she can call until 2am my time, which is 5pm EST.

Re my mom; she has what is called a non-aggressive lymphoma, it hasn't spread (that's been confirmed), and she'll need a bit of chemo, that's all.

further update later.

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