July 18, 2004

Another Curious Question

In terms of blogging, what is more important to you as a blogger regarding viewers?

1. stats; how many people view your site?

2. how many are loyal viewers?

3. number of comments?

4. number of links?

Questions the result of Space Monkey and Bad Example's posts and just because I've been thinking about it.

Me; I like comments both from loyal readers and new faces.
I also have a great desire to become a flapping bird, because I've
always wanted to fly without use of a plane. And I like that sound.
Flappy Bird...

I've also always wanted to be kidnapped by aliens who weren't interestd
in putting me in a zoo or experimenting on me, but just thought I'd be
an interesting addition to their society; travel the universe, save
various important people and societies. Would help if they look great
too. Hey, I have dreams, I didn't say it they were realistic

Now hope blogspot actually publishes what I wrote. I think.


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