July 09, 2004

And the importance of breast examination

Every month has been made abundantly clear to me.
Routinely, without fail.

What my mom has is not really breast cancer but a lymphoma.
But she found it because she was religous about examining her breasts despite the fact that we have no history of breast cancer in the family.

This particular breast cancer is so slow growing that by the time it, historically, would have caused a problem the vicitim was most likely dead of something else. But we are living longer, we should live healthier also.

Most likely, as we, as a world, live longer, more of these illnesses are likely to show up. Science has to do its part in eliminating or curing diseases of old age; and we have to do our part as well.

Living longer and better.

Wow, I sound like a t.v. spot.

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