July 20, 2004

Amy Richards/Amy Richards

A lot of bloggers have been associating the Amy Richards of the NYT article with this Amy Richards of the feminist.com site, and also soap box.

So I have my doubts based on a couple of things. In the repro section she talks about herself as being 29; depending on when that article was written, it would be cutting it pretty close to having her then be 34 in 2004 or even 2003, since we don't know really when the event took place, as the article was written after the child was born. Also, she speaks about having an abortion when she was 18, but makes no mention of that fact in the article, something that I think would have been relevant (especially as she mentions that she was afraid of becoming pregnant at 16). So I wrote a letter to the ask.amy woman, and hopefully she will respond. I will reprint the letter or at least the gist of it here, if and when I get a response.

I do find the T-shirt "I had an abortion" feartured on the front page of the Soap box site, rather repulsive. It isn't anything to take pride in.
(and if anyone could drive me into pro-life court, at least to a limited extent, as I could never require a woman to undermine her health or life, or give birth to a child due to rape or incest, it would be amy richards of the NYT ill-fame.)

I see that Allah has posted something from Amy friend about her being the same person, so I am wrong, they are the same being. I guess I was hoping against hope that it was a hoax, that we were all wrong. How I wish it were so.

I am still waiting to see if she responds to me and what she says, but I am seriously begin to question my "ending abortion through science and social reform" stand, and that maybe, maybe, if things went back to the way they were, if there were some standards about when one could have an abortion, such callousness would not exist. If women couldn't order up abortions the way they order a pie, if parents and b.f. couldn't just force a woman via emotional blackmail into having an aboriton, if it only existed for those who were in need, severe health risk or risk to life, limb, sight, psychological state, or due to rape/incest. If, if if...

I don't know. I only know I can't let this go.

What have we bred in this world?

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