July 26, 2004


Very simple post and I need your imput.
I'm still reeling from a change of heart I've had regarding abortion. I still don't know what to do.
I do not want dead mothers, or mothers whose health is so impaired because of a pregancy that they suffer severe damage to their body or mind; I'n talking about brain damage, loss of the use of their limbs, loss of a sense--sight, hearing. In other words, a radical change. All pregancies can end in a problem for the mother, or child, especially if medical intervention is required for a birth. Caesareans are just not as safe as regular births and all the problems inherent with surgery are there in surgical births as well.

But: I can also no longer stand the idea that unborn are tossed aside with so little regard. This is no longer about Amy Richards. It is about the idea that a humnan being to be is, by some, given little or no weight.

I feel the balance should favor the mother; but that it is also important to consider the voice, the needs of a child who is conceived who most likely would want to be born.

How can we make certain a woman will not have to go through her pregnancy knowing it will most likely terminate with her death or extreme health issues, and yet at the same time, encourage and help women to have their children, without fear of loss of livelihood, fears of poverty, fears that their life will be over on an emotional level?

Please, please give me your ideas!
Also, if you have an experience you wish to share regarding abortion, please do. If you had an abortion and regret the choice, why? What would have allowed you to choose not to abort? What was missing? Tell me if you didn't regret, and again, is there anything that could have been offered to you at the time that would have changed your mind about going through the abortion? What did you gain by having the abortion? If you did not choose to abort and regret that, tell me also. Do it annonymously if you wish.

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