July 30, 2004

4:45 am

Soft little hands wake me up, wanting to come into my bed. Arms go around me, I settle in to go back to sleep for an hour,perhaps. Yesterday was the last day of camp. No one has to wake early.

Little arms uncurl. She descends. "where are you going?"
"to the bathroom."
"Okay" snuggle back in bed, try and sleep again.
Little voice calls from the door. "It's dark! I'm scared!"
I rise. I look. No child. I find her safely enscounced in her own bed.
"where'd you go?"
"It's dark in there. I'm sleeping in my bed."
I climb back in bed. Too late. Now I'm wide awake.
It's 4:50
COFFEE TIME!!! No wonder I look like a raccon.
Maybe lack of sleep is the cause of this.
Seriously, you all owe that guy an apology.

In other shocking news:
It is impossible to teach a dog to mop the floor. You either have to mop the floor AGAIN or claim that the prints are a new form of tile decoration. I'm going for the latter.

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