June 29, 2004

Why so much anger in the world today?

I was reading the most recent entry on JOEL's blog. in which he describes a incident that occurred in the Concourse Park. The girls were fooling around when someone started screaming at them, using foul language, telling them that the park was closed. (Not quite correct. The park was closed, the area they were in closed at 10. Joel, who really is my idea of a gallant man, defended the girls right to be there.

I would have commented over there, but there was a glitch in the system that seems to occur from time to time.

So, I'm going to say it here!

WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE!!! The girls are having fun. They are teens. It is summer. They are free from school, and the days are hot and they are only young once. Let them have fun!

If this foul-mouthed person really thought the girls shouldn't be there, or were being too noisy or whatever, why didn't he approach them courteously and tell them what the problem is. Why do people think that a minor irritation requires anger and hate? At least give the girls a chance; don't presume that because they are teens they'll get snotty and won't listen.

There is too much anger in the world. There is too much presumption that the world is going to step on one's toes so lets go out there punching. Try saying excuse me first. Or even look down and see if it isn't one's own feet that are doing the stepping.


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