June 25, 2004



I missed my 5 year old's misibah (party) for the end of the year. I had my cleaning job today(30 shek an hour isn't anything to sneeze at) and the time conflicted.

Poor me.
I really wanted to go.

She was wearing a new dress (well, new ueed dress.) and she looked so pretty!
She was very modest too. She didn't declare her beauty but asked her father and me "who is the prettier one? Me or you?" and was very happy to hear that we both thought her more beautiful than either of us.

There was singing and dancing and CAKE and I mmissed it!!!!

I got to clean floors, and make beds and clean off chairs and stools.

Then I got to come home and clean.
But I'm not.
I'm writing this blog.
so there.

(I did make cholent and chicken soup and baked the Challahs that I made weeks ago I just had to defrost them this morning; so can I please have a treat?)

Have a great Shabbat


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