June 23, 2004

Um Thank you?

Yesterday my five year old came home from gan (kindergarten) with a toy from a birthday party. One of these bead thingees; you know the kind. Plastic string that refuses to knot and the knots keep coming out (at least for me they do. If you are actually able to get these knotted without cursing the inventor, please tell me how?)

Anywa, she suddenly gets it into her head to make me a gift. She spends the next 20 minutes carefully guarding the supplies lest I see, and I must also convince her several times that though I saw the package I really have no idea whatsoever that I know what it is. At one point she measures my ring finger with one of the plastic strings.

Finally my darling child presents me with a piece of string on which there is a single bead. The string is untied. She is unable to do it. I should do it. Also, she announces she gave me the yellow bead because she didn't like it that much.

I try and tie the string several times but it is a no go, so she brings me a longer piece of string, (a bit reluctantly, she doesnn't have much string), on which I string the unwanted bead and then procede to knot the damn thing it only takes me 20 minutes.

Put the ring on and show her. Fine.

Ten minutes later she is asking me to untie it and she'll give me a new bead but she needs that one.

So I untie the string, take off the bead, she gives me the new pink bead which is okay because even though she likes it there are a lot of them, and I string this bead on tie it up again and show her.

And thank her.
For her lovely gift.
Of a string and a bead.

It is the thought that counts isn't it?


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