June 25, 2004

To me this is child abuse

Plain and simple.
It is a link to a lnk to a film depicting children re-enacting a beheading.

via an email sent to me, via Jihad watch, via LGF.

As LGF pointed out---This means the kids saw the video.

And who is the person behind the camera? Adult or child?

My kids sing songs about their holidays, and pursuing peace. They pretend they are princesses lost in the woods, or play hide and seek, or felt dolls. They color pictures of Succot, or barbie. They do a million such things.

They don't imitate beheadings. Their songs don't talk about rivers of blood.

Look at that little girl smiling away.
That is scary. Very scary to me. How do you teach your children such despicable things? That is not love.

That is hate.
That is child abuse.
Plain and simple.


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