June 08, 2004

Time to piss people off

Well maybe.

Ad nauseum, I am an Orthodox Jew; and this, obviously, informs my opinons of the world, and what I think is right and wrong. I may end up taking a different path than most of my co-religionist, but I take that path not because I disagree with the original statement, but that I disaree with how to reach a particular end goal.

Let's take sex for instance.

Ask me, and I will tell you; sex is for marriage. Marriage is a committment between G-d and two people of the opposite sex. Exactly who those people are is somewhat restricted by various factors.

However ask me what I want to do about it, and I'll tell you. I want to stay in my own bedroom please. I do not need to peek into anyone else's window. As long as the people involved are adults and mentally competent, I just don't want to know.

But, of course no one can leave it like that. Laws are there on the books against and supporting forms of marriage other than I have named.

I like the idea of keeping marriage between a man, woman and G-d.
I also like the idea of having a committment union, between any two or more people who are mentally competent and of age. The committment union would entitle the people involved to health benefits, and various responsiblities, and, because it would not necessarily be based on love, but on other forms of relating, would include a detail of the rights and resonsibilities that the people involved would bear.

For instance; a widow, with severeal children, may decide to make a committment relationship with an older, unmarried, childless woman. The widow agrees to provide nursing care for the older woman should she become frail or incompetent, and the older woman deeds her the house and social security benefits. Both would also be entitled to make "life decisions" for each other in cases of emergency in line with whatever criteria they have set forth.

I would assume, in such cases, there exists already, some emotional committement to each other; one (again, who is competent) is unlikely to trust a stranger with one's life in such a manner. But it does not necessarily entail a sexual-love bond. Of course it could.

It could entail several people bonded together long term. It could even entail short term relationships, specified by a unique time frame.

Marriages, subsequent to this type of bond, could either be recognized by the state as having a specific, set, committent form, or the couple could write their own form, but simply marrying before G-d would get one nothing. One has to also get establish the bond before the state.

And none of what I said has anything to do with the quality of emotional love any two or more people have for one another.

Now I know there are bound to be problems with what I suggest so blast me folks.


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