June 09, 2004


One of the most frightening horror books I have ever read was THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY by Patricia Highsmith. Such people as this you never want to meet, not in a small dark alley, not on a well lit street. You don't want them as your friend, your enemy, your aquaintence---this is the kind of person you pray is just fictional.

And I thought, reading this book, thank G-d he isn't real.

And then I discovered a person who calls himself Vox Day. No, like another blogger, I'm not linking to him. But Trish Wilson refers to him in her most recent post Those Damned Women Should Never Have Been Given The Vote! as well as other's of his ilk. She covers him mostly from a femiinst point of view, and has links to other's who discuss him as well.

But what really sent chills down my back was this mans idea for ending the crisis in Israel.

Note, and note well; I am pro-settler. I am one for grief sake. I favor targeted assasinations, feel that closing down settlements anywhere is a big mistake and will lead to more violence. But his policies on ending the violence are simply sick; click here to find his take. Like I said, I'm not linking to him directly.

Such a peson is scary beyond belief. There is a web of bloggers speaking about him, and I hope they catch this horrid insect of a human being.

He scares me; and as I said on Trish's blog, those who think he reall is a friend of Israel don't understand the meaning of "who's next."

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