June 25, 2004


I was talking with one of the women I clean for, and we were talking about jobs; specifically, my husbands job and my job, and what we trained for.

She stated that men have a much harder time emotionally than women, working in a field they didn't train for; (ie, doing a menial task instead of their career choice as a stop gap till they can get a better job).

So do you think that is true? Have you ever had to take a job as say a check out clerk or the like to keep the roof over your head until you found a job in your field? How did you feel about it? Did your spouse ever have to work at something not of his or her choosing and "beneath" his/her abilities?

Is this still back to the provider mentality? Are women just more able to cope with a lesser status job (perhaps because of how little status really is accorded to the traditional field of women, mothering?) Or is my employer incorrect....

I'm listening.

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