June 02, 2004


Aren't they always fun? It seems to me that the reports are either glowing or you never ever want to step through that door again.

This one was the pretty good type. My children are generally the quieter types so teachers like them.

E, my 10 year old in particular is shy; so what the teacher focused on was that she seemed to be coming out of her shell, learning Hebrew, and participating more. Since she is out of class more than she is in it (the new Olim (immigrants)get taken out for special help with various subjects by the sherutim girls. These are girls who are doing their national service by helping others rather than serving in the army. E has confided in me that she wants to do what these girls are doing when she is big. These young women have made quite an impression on my daughter.

Anyway, I digress, which is about par for the course.

So the meeting is going fine, I'm actually doing it mostly in Hebrew, getting the gist of what the teacher is saying, and then she ends with "But they are always late for school"


The school is within easy walking distance. 15, 20 minutes tops. E. leaves to pick up her friend at about 25 min past, gets to her friend at about half past the hour. THEY END UP 10 MINUTES LATE EACH MORNING!

I called G's mom, said friends of E. She said "WHAT?" she has them leave the house pretty early on, before any other child is leaving for school. Her older daughter whose walk is about 5 minutes shorter, leaves AFTER them and half the time ends up over taking them.

How do I get this kid to move?

However, she does seem to be musically inclined.
Maybe it is the tempermental star thing setting in early.

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