June 20, 2004

My doggie is getting old

He's a sloppy, dirty earred basset hound, whose main love is food and sleep. Were he human I can imagine him having his own t.v. show where he cooked food plain and supreme; a somewhat fat, awkward but very gentle man, who would laugh easily at jokes, and at himself.

A pacifist--- even the birds are not afraid of him, and the cats no longer run so fast when he comes--- he would more likely kiss than bite a thief; if he could speak, he would gladly show anyone where the loot was. A bit on the slow side perhaps; but not dumb. It is more a state of innocence. He thinks he is everyone's friend and can't conceive of an ill heart.

He is 12 years old, and I'm not sure how many more years of life he has left to him. He is slowing down; he doesn't want to walk as far, and is glad to return home. He has an old mans hacking cough. He makes mistakes when he returns home; is it this house or the next? I call him and tail wagging he comes home.

He is a good dog. A good friend.


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