June 06, 2004


I'm an Orthodox Jew, and as an Orthodox Jew I am required to dress in a certain manner. Various factions have different standards on the mode of dress, but the minimum is covering the knees, and the breast area, and a married woman is required to cover her hair when on the streets. Most Orthodox women go further (as do I). But that is the minimum.

Recently there was some news coverage of a young girl, Ella Gunderson, who was upset by the immodest nautre of many of her clothes choices. At the end of the article it quotes her as saying
"Everybody should have lots of choices."

And she is right.

I am not denying anyone's right to anything here, -- I could give you my opinion--but I bet you can guess it---unfortunately often the idea of freedom becomes interlaced with being sexual, instead of the right to choose sexuality.

I choose not to be overtly sexual; that comes with being Orthodox, but it is a natural part of me in any case. That part of my being is private. I don't want the world in on it, which is what happens when one "flaunts it"
This is part of me that I want to share with a chosen few; me, my husband and G-d.

Yes G-d, for Judaism sees nothing ugly about sex between spouses when conducted according to Torah. Loving, priavte and in the proper time, it is a union blessed by G-d, a sacred act throughout the years of life.

That privacy is important to me; it makes me feel good to have parts of me that are available to no one else unless I choose to reveal them. The more I expose the less I have to hold private, dear and special to me.

My body is not for everyone. I am private, modest, not out of a sense of shame or not being worthy, and not out of fear of arousing the passion of men, for my feeling is a man is in control of his own actoins. I am modest because it empowers me.

'All glory is the king's daughter inside the palace.'"

I am special to G-d; not a mundane being, for all eyes to see.

And I think all people are special to G-d.
Oh, and by the way, modesty applies to men as well.


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