June 28, 2004


I was reading adventures in parenthood
all about her recently peach and blackberry picking experience, and that brought back memories of my favorite place to be as a child.

We had fruit trees in our yard; apple, pear, plum but my favorite tree was a small cherry tree in the corner of the lawn over looking the alleyway.

There I would sit, lazy and free, during the summer months, book in hand, watching the world go by, munching on my favorite treat. I was always careful not to eat to many; cherry pies were in store for the future if the birds and us kids didn't eat too many first!

I felt so free there, so safe--the world below me, A gentle breeze would stir my arms from my side, ready to fly. Where would I go? What would I see? The earth was mine for the taking, or so it seemed to my child-mind.
Perhaps if only I were brave enough, believed strong enough, I could actually do it. I could fly.

Even now, there are times when the wind stirs, when I feel ready to soar about its channels into the sky, to places unknown, light, and free.

If only I could truly believe.

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