June 16, 2004

Marriage, my view

Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate them.

In my view marriage is a committment between two people of opposite, or as Linda says "of the other gender," I add more rules to that too, in accordance with Jewish law.

But I found it interesting that several spoke about it being a commmittment between only two people, and either did not approve or could not see themself living in a multiple arrangement.

I am not speaking here of he man with 47 wives. The kind of multiple marriage I am speaking of is three or more people who are committed to each other in the same way that the generally approved of marriage now exists.

Would I approve of such an arrangement? No. But, I think it is a way of life that is coming and I think that the jumping board will be same sex marriages.

Now before becoming riled up; I don't think approving same sex marraiges is a slipperly slope that will lead to animal-human matings and state approved child molestation. Those are not relationships with consenting adults and are easy enough to dismiss any claims that they are at all related to same sex marriages.

But multiple partner relationships, between several adults already exist;
they are given a rather cute name; polyamory (here's a link. I'm really not all that interested in doing more research on the topic) http://www.polyamorysociety.org/

Ten to twenty years from now I expect to see arguements for legalizing such relationshipos. When I'm old and grey I will not be surprised to see it become legalized.

And I do object. I object to same sex marriages; for the same reason. This is against my religion. But, what I am asking of those who approve of same sex marraiges, is what moral reason could there be to object to multiple partners; legal issues aside (custody, incapacitation, divorce, support, property etc. etc.)--these things could always be dealt with...if one is willing to approve marriages between the same sex, what moral reasons can be given against multiple partnerships?

I find it easy to object on morally grounds. What moral grounds do other's have against this type of relationship?


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