June 06, 2004

I'm a fly-lady drop-out

A born (again and again) slob.
I've tried lots of different methods, some work for a period of time, then something happens; I get sick, or have an extra busy week, or something similar, and the house falls apart, and it takes me months and months to get it back together again.

Usually, I feel so frustrated by its having fallen apart that after making a couple of attmpts to set it to rights again, I just give it up.

The last great attempt at any system was fly-lady. She is praised by lots of people so I suppose the problem is mine, all I know was after a while I was angry every time a email came, and I seethed everytime I put those damn shoes on.

Yes the house was clean but I wasn't happy. And no, I never felt great satisfaction that everything was in its place. I just kept seeing somethihng that was out of place and I would resent the work that I would have to do.

The problem seems to me that I never do anything by halves; I'm either cleaning or I'm not.

Why or why couldn't I have married a Felix Unger type? I'd gladly turn over my mop and broom to anyone who wants to clean.

I remember reading about this person who was breaking into people's houses and cleaning up, doing the dishes and the like. I kept wondering how to get hold of this perosn. But, like the aliens who never came to take me away, despite the neon sign on the roof, the masked housecleaner never showed up.

If you see this peson or persons, direct them to Israel for me, I'm greatly in need of their service.

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