June 11, 2004

How not to cook

I am a great cook; when I remember food is up on the stove or in the oven. When I remmeber to turn the stove/oven on. When I remmeber to take the food out in time to defrost or whatever.

Okay, this is just me being goofy and getting too involved in other things and food going out of my head. I really don't have a passion for eating.

BUT come to Israel and I have an additional problem:
Gas balloons.

Back in the states I went to turn my oven on and voila! It went on, no problem. I had no idea where the gas hookup was, and frankly, I didn't care.
It went on.

But here gas comes in tanks. We seem to go through more than the average joe, but that is because we have a gas oven and a gas dryer (bad choice. We should have brought one of those European 3 phase electric jobs, where the water is boiled by the washing machine when you need it. This was an argument I lost with the dh, so I get to blame him. I love it when I get to blame someone else.) But, I have digressed, as usual.

To get back to the oven; the gas tanks are hooked up through lines to said bad choice dryer (that's rubbing it in) and oven. Every once and awhile the oven or dryer doesn't work and that's how you know you've run out of gas.


I was such a good girl this morning (because I was so lazy last night) to start everything up on the stove/oven bright and early, getting ready for Shabbat; chicken soup bubbling, lemon-pepper chicken in the oven, cholent all nice and prepared, and against the norm of my ditzy self I decided to go in to check and there is this weird smell and no flames.


Luckily the other tank was full or we'd have ended up with nothing but pb&J sandwhiches.

So tell me kind gas tank makers of Israel, why can't these things be outfitted with some sort of gauge?


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