June 17, 2004

guilt !guilt !guilt?

I have been fighting off a bad cold for the last couple of days and yesterday was the worst; I couldn't keep awake, my throat was killing me and so on and so forth.

When it came to putting the kids to bed snuggling just wasn't in me. I just didn't feel like lying down with a Tigger child (my 5 year old) so told her no, and poor thing kept tellimg me I should go to sleep, when really what she wanted was me to cuddle up with her for a few minutes. So finally she drifts off and of course I'm wracked with guilt. (She came into my bed in the middle of the night. By then I was already feeling better)

So this morning I explained to her what had happened, how I just wasn't in the mood to be touched at all last night, how that sometimes happened; and she understood.

No tears, no saddness, she was happy. So I guess all that guilt was for nothing!

Kids really aren't as fragile as we might suppose.

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