June 15, 2004

Bring back the stars

Not the hollywood ones; I am not a star hound.

I'm talking about the celestial kind.

I guess I am an oddball; I've always felt as if I were a step out of place or time; living just a second or two, temporally and linerally out of step with the world.

The lights are situated every house (duplexs) on my side of the street. Too much light, if you ask me. It blinded the sky, and I couldn't see the stars. Then, we had a problem; I still don't know what it was but for quite a bit of time here on the yishuv (settlement), the lights on my end of the street weren't functioning. You could see the stars.

It was a bit eerie going out at night and walking about, not being able to see quite so far ahead of one. But I loved it. It was quieter somehow without the lights, more enclosed, womb light. My heart would beat faster going out, and up above all the lights I needed were shining.

Most people didn't like it, and a pettition went around asking that the lights be fixed. I signed it; being a good neighbor is important too, but secretly I wished the lights would never work again.

I was probably alone in that wish; in any case, the incandescent lights are back on, and heaven's lights are dimmed.

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