June 27, 2004

Body Talk

When I was much younger, as in pint sized, I use to think that each part of my body was under the control of a separate little entity, independent of my control. They would talk to one another, but make their own decisions about how my body was going to behave.

Right now my stomach is angry and rebellious, and my head has joined in the rebellion.

ie, I'm sick as all get out. And as annoyed as hell...I thought that after a year in Israel my body wouldn't be so eager to try out all the new viruses. Isn't there one that my body coudl refuse?

Well, not this one.
I'm dizzy, feverish, nauseous and I'm living mainly between my bed and bathroom.
I was going into Jerusalem with a friend this morning, a quick trip to purchase a present for her adoptive daughter's trip back to the USA---However, I think it important to improve friendships, and throwing up in your friends lap does't seem condusive to that.

So I'm home, and taking off work. And about to go back to bed.

Hope everyone else is enjoying good health and a wonderful day....

take care

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